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Bespoke Ballroom Dance Lessons | The Wedding Dance | Choreography | Mayfair, Central London

Ballroom Dance Lessons | The First Dance | Wedding Choreography | Mayfair, London



The highlight of any reception and the image most guests will remember is that of the First Dance. Having Ballroom Dance lessons is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can give to each other that will completely transform your wedding and add joy and romance to your marriage for years to come. A couple who feels confident and poised when they dance will ensure that their very first dance together will be a memory they will cherish forever.

It's best to prepare for your first dance with the same care you give to your invitations, gowns, catering, flowers and music. Private Ballroom Dance lessons provide the best approach for First Dance preparation. Your wedding dance will be personally tailored by Marius to your needs and desires so whether your goal is to look like Fred and Ginger, or just to avoid the dreaded High School Sway, Marius will work with you and your partner to create a designer program that will meet your individual needs. The wedding dance should be unique and special, perhaps outrageous, irreverent, classy, fun or understated. Most importantly, it should be you.

Before the wedding, Marius was our dance teacher. After the wedding, he became part of our family.
— Monica and Andrew
Our dance was beautiful and our dance lessons were so much fun. Exactly what we wanted! And, surprisingly, we felt so comfortable dancing together.
— Alessandra and Ryan
Getting married is awesome. We had such an incredible fun time working with Marius. He’s such a fantastic dancer and teacher. I hope he can teach us again even after the wedding.
— Tatjana and Steffen
Everyone was very impressed!
— Aga and Ed