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Award-winning Ballroom and Latin Dancer | Teacher | Choreographer | Dance Lessons | London

Award-winning Ballroom and Latin Dancer | Teacher | Choreographer | Dance Lessons | London

meet Marius  


Marius Caluser | Ballroom Dance Lessons London |

Marius Caluser is an award-winning Professional Ballroom and Latin dancer, teacher and choreographer, working across the UK and overseas.

He took his first dance steps at the age of 6 and spent the next 15 years studying Ballroom Dancing, honing his skills both as a student and teacher. During this time, he competed professionally in National and International Dance Sport competitions, consistently achieving top rankings.

Marius travelled back and forth between London, Paris and Milan and in 2011, he decided to move to London to pursue his career as a teacher and choreographer. He spent 3 years working for a global dance studio where, by 2013, he ranked in the top 3 teachers worldwide. In 2014, he was awarded Top Male Teacher and Best Solo Choreographer and in early 2016, Marius was appointed the first ever choreographer-in-residence at Claridge's hotel in London.

Today, Marius continues to work with numerous artists and dancers across the country and overseas. He has an extensive background in teaching at all levels, from beginners and wedding couples to professional dancers and award-winning artists.

His bespoke Ballroom dance lessons and workshops are tailored to meet the individual needs of his students.  He has an acute eye for detail, demanding the highest standard of performance from himself and inspires those he is teaching to follow suit.  More than anything, Marius loves the joy dancing brings and how it can change lives. 

“Dancing, like any art form, is full of emotion, expression, honesty and vulnerability. Dancing, just like therapy, creates a very powerful bond between those involved. The time we spend together, we get to know each others’ emotions, we express those emotions through each other, we express them truthfully and it makes us vulnerable towards one another. This does not happen between a teacher and a student… It happens between family members, those who know us, love us and accept us for who we are. I’m not their teacher and they’re not my students. We’re the extension of each other and, no matter how vulnerable we are, together we create and therefore become, art.”

-Marius Caluser